Florida Sheep, Wool & Herding Dog Festival



  1. Greater Ocala Dog Club  

    10250 NW Gainesville RD  Ocala FL   

February 2 & 3, 2018

$10 Entry Fee   MSA Members Free


RV and Tent Camping Available
Electric Only

RV Spots $30 per night
Square Dancers $25 per night
Tent Camping $5 per night

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Festival Events:

  • Lamb Lunch and Dinner prepared by Tom & Kathy Zotos, the famous Greek Festival Chefs.  If you’re a lamb lover, or want to try lamb, this is your opportunity.  $7 for a beautifully prepared lamb pita. And for those who are not crazy about lamb, a delicious chicken pita will be available.

  • Fiber Arts Workshops  –  Beautiful yarn and supplies will be available for purchase.  Spinning wheel displays and spinning demonstrations, and fiber workshops will keep you busy.  Learn spindle spinning, how to use a Lucet to make strong cords with many uses, felt hat making, spinning on your wheel, and much more. For cost and schedule check out our workshops by scrolling down to Workshops: Fiber & Sheep Production.

  • Sheep Production & Health Workshops  –  Everyone, beginner or experienced shepherds, will take away new and exciting information from these workshops.

  • Introduction To Card Grading – Are you heading in the right direction with your purebred breeding stock?  Learn how to score your sheep according the breed standard. Cards provided, limited to 2 sheep per farm. Sign up your breed.  No charge for MSA members, all others $10 per card.

  • Chef’s Corner Cooking Workshop  –  Learn how to prepare several delicious lamb dishes, and enjoy a lamb lunch.  $25  Limited to 12

  • Herding Dogs  –  Who doesn’t love to watch herding dogs working sheep?  David Holmes and Reno will work on Friday at 12 Noon and 2 PM.  On Saturday David Holmes and Mac MacGregor will be working their talented dogs at 11:00, 12:00, 2:00, and 4:00.

  • Wool CompetitionBring your fleece and enter the competition. Limit of 5 fleeces.

  • Photo and Art Contest  –  Bring your sheep, and sheep related pictures.  $10 entry fee per picture. Must be mounted and suitable for hanging. First Place 50% of entries, Second Place 35% of entries.

    Enter your Photos Here!

  • Lamb & Wine Pairing on Saturday 1:00 & 3:00  –  Enjoy a sample of wine, paired with delicious lamb, prepared 3 ways. You choose the wine and the lamb dish.  $10 for a beautiful souvenir wine glass, and  samples of wine and lamb. Delightful!

  • Sheep Displays  –  Sheep that love to be petted will be present and ready for attention! Florida is home to many breeds of sheep, including Hair Sheep. These sheep are specially adapted to our Florida climate.

  • Sheep Show  –  Open Class, Saturday.

    Click this link for Sheep Show rules and info

    The Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida, sponsor of the Florida Sheep, Wool & Herding Dog Festival, is dedicated to helping producers succeed through networking, educational programs, workshops, and mentoring. To this end, the focus of our sheep show will be toward producers, and their farms.

  • Sheep Shearing  –  Jonathan Hearn will be shearing sheep from 11AM on Friday and Saturday.  Watch these experts do their work.  Raw wool will be available for sale, price to be announced.

  • Shearing for the Public  –  Bring sheep for shearing after 11 AM on Friday or Saturday.  Sheep must be dry.  Cost is $10 per head. This money is used to support the UF Vet School Student MSA Scholarship, of $1000, presented at the MSA Fall Meeting.

  • Sheep Shearing Workshop – Learn to shear your own sheep (and when your neighbor finds out you can shear, you’ll be doing his, too). If you have clippers bring them. Friday 3 – 4:30 PM.  $25 Fee

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WORKSHOPS: Fiber & Sheep Production

Check out these workshops being offered & scroll down to sign up


  • LIBBY KAHN returns with an exciting workshop:

“Make a Stylish Felt Hat”   Making this stylish felt hat will take 2, half days, Friday & Saturday. 

The wool provided for this hat felting workshop is Florida Cracker Sheep wool produced by Fairmeadow Farm, in Ocala, Florida.  This beautiful, soft, wool was processed by Pioneer Fiber Mill of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Or, bring your own wool.  Limited to 12 participants, so sign up soon to reserve your spot! 


  • ANN MIKEAL returns with her popular workshops:

“Dryer Balls”  Create 4 dryer balls using cleaned fleece.                                                                          

“Spindle Spinning 101”  Learn the basics of how to create your own yarns using a spindle.                                                        

“Know Your Fleece”  Fiber samples from at least 10 different sheep breeds to take home; learn the different categories of fleece; wool market fleece shopping, and how to find flaws in the fleece.  A jam packed workshop.                                                        

“Learn To Spin On Your Wheel”  If you have a spinning wheel, and have not figured out how to use it, now is the perfect time to learn.  Must have at least one bobbin and drive band. Limited to 5.


  • LINDA MARTIN  Linda is a spinner, teacher, and frequent contributor to “Spin-Off Magazine,” as well as a contributor to the “Spinning Wheel Sleuth.” She is offering workshops Friday and Saturday. Additionally, she will be demonstrating on a number of wheels from her eclectic collection of unusual wheels.

“Wheel Selection, Mechanics, & Repair”  How to identify a good 2nd hand/vintage/antique wheel (and what to avoid), basic wheel mechanics, difference between direct drive, double drive or Irish tension, and demonstrations as to how to make minor repairs, e.g. replace leather bearings, shim the uprights, how to make extra bobbins from hardware store washers and copper tubing, as featured in “Spin Off Magazine.” She will bring her amazing collection of unusual wheels. Linda has been published in “Spin-Off Magazine.”

“Learn to Use a Lucet”  Learn to use this ancient Viking cording tool to make strong and very sturdy cords that you can use in many ways. Use them to make drawstrings, lacings, buttons, and embellishments for your knit and crochet projects. Also, make jewelry, designer shoelaces, home improvement hacks and more with these strong cords. The cost of your own lucet in included in the workshop fee. Class is limited to 10. 

For Cost, Times, and Sign Up, Click The Link:  

Fiber Workshops





Check out these workshops being offered & scroll down to sign up

9:00 am to 4:00 pm  The workshops are no charge for Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida Members.  All others pay $10 per workshop.  Becoming a member is easy, and money well spent.   Annual membership is $20 per farm, so spouses, kids, and employees are included, and receive the benefits of membership.  Click this link to our MEMBERSHIP page, and become part of a great group of fun folks, who love farm life.  

9:00 – 10:00 AM  Amy Whicker, USDA/APHIS   Scrapie Program Requirements   What Is Required From Producers And Why We Should Participate

9:45-10:45 AM   Mark Bailey, Marion County Extension Agent,  Animal Disposal    Incineration, Burial, & Composting   No one escapes the problem of disposing of dead animals. How best to dispose of them will be discussed.

10:00 – 11:45 AM  WOOL START TO FINISH  Learn to chose your sheep for wool quality from Jonathan  Hearn,Then learn how that wool can be processed. Florida has a large and enthusiastic fiber community, and Steve Perez, Pioneer Fiber Mill, is right in the middle of it.  He’s a fun guy and loves what he does. 

12:00 – 2:00 PM  Chef’s Corner Lamb Preparation & Cooking   Adrian of Calovine Farm will prepare several dishes of lamb.  $25 Fee – Limited to 12 – Lunch Provided   

12:00 – 2:00 PM   Lunch Time   If you love lamb, or want to try lamb for the first time, this is the place for you!  Tom and Kathy Zotos prepare the lamb for the Greek Festival, and are Festival chefs this year.  

2:00 – 4:00 PM  Beginning Shepherd    This workshop will address common problems facing new shepherds, but experienced producers will benefit as well. We will focus on vaccines, dystocia problems, learn to draw blood for OPP testing and other blood related tests (to save on vet bills), hoof trimming, nutrition, Famacha barber pole worm detection (not training), and much more.  Plenty of time allowed for questions and discussion on whatever topics arise.

3:00 – 4:30 PM  Sheep Shearing Workshop   Learn how to use a set of clippers, and how to hold and adjust the sheep for shearing. A great workshop for spinners who raise wool sheep and need quality shearing, and for those who want to save a little money. Shearing can be enjoyable if you know what you’re doing, and how to do it.  Taught by Jonathan Hearne.

   For Cost, Times, and Sign Up, Click The Link:  

Sheep Production & Health Workshops and Cooking Class